Number Theory
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Research during the last few years concerned problems in different branches of number theory which will be reviewed in the order adopted by Mathematical Reviews.

In elementary number theory a problem (proposed by T. Cochrane and G. Meyerson) concerning covering systems of congruences has been solved in [10] and another one (proposed by W. Narkiewicz) concerning arithmetical functions in [14]. Various problems concerning generalized pseudoprimes have been solved in [1]-[4] and a problem on this subject proposed by C. Pomerance has been solved by A. Rotkiewicz (as yet unpublished).

A criterion for reducibility over the rationals of the non-cyclotomic kernel of a non-reciprocal lacunary polynomial has been given by A. Schinzel (as yet unpublished).

In diophantine equations, [8] gives a solution to Problem D16 from the book of R. Guy "Unsolved Problems in Number Theory" and [15] solves a problem on Pythagorean triangles proposed by I. Korec. [16] deals with a Diophantine equation related to generalized Bernoulli numbers.

In the metric theory of algorithms a problem of M. Deleglise concerning continued fractions has been solved in [13].

In multiplicative number theory the connection between squarefree values of polynomials and the abc-conjecture has been studied in [6], while some estimates for pseudo-squares have been given in [11].

In algebraic number theory exponential congruences have been studied in [5], [12] and [18], while a certain problem of I. Korec concerning algebraic integers has been solved in [9].

J. Urbanowicz [17] together with G. J. Fox and K. S. Williams has obtained a divisibility property for generalized Bernoulli numbers that generalizes the classical result of Gauss concerning divisibility by powers of two of class numbers of quadratic forms. An application of generalized Bernoulli numbers to class number formulae for imaginary quadratic fields has been found by A. Schinzel, J. Urbanowicz and P. van Wamelen (as yet unpublished).

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