IM PAN Scientific Prize

Institute of Mathematics
of the Polish Academy of Sciences
for outstanding scientific achievements in mathematics

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Laureates, Jury


2013 Grzegorz Karch from the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Wroclaw
for deep results in nonlinear partial differential equations.
2012 Yuriy Tomilov from Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences
for deep results from operator theory and semigroups of operators in Hilbert spaces. In particular for characterization of operators quasi similar to contractions, results concerning stability of semigroups and their spectral properties.
2011 Krzysztof Bogdan from Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Warsaw Technical University
for deep results linking theory of stochastic processes with classical mathematical analysis.
2010 Sławomir Solecki from University of Illinois,
for papers from set theory concerning applications of descriptive set theory in topology and analysis.
2009 Jarosław Włodarczyk from Purdue University,
for outstanding results from algebraic geometry especially for a theorem on factorization of birational morphisms between algebraic varieties with the help of compositions of blow-ups and blow-downs.