The Mathematical Research and Conference Center

For details concerning organization of mathematical scientific meetings please contact the Banach Center Office:
tel: +48 22 5228 232
fax: +48 22 622 5750

For details concerning organization of other meetings please contact directly Mr. Sławomir Malecha, administrative manager of MRCC:
tel.: +48 61 813 5187
fax: +48 61 813 5393

The Mathematical Research and Conference Center (MRCC) is part of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and is headed by the Director of the Institute. The main goal of MRCC is to organize conferences and workshops devoted to various subjects of mathematics, and to create an atmosphere fostering research in groups. MRCC serves as a place for scientific meetings supported and/or accepted by the Banach Center, and if space allows, it is also accessible to groups of scientists representing other fields, or individuals looking for a friendly place to do research.

Bedlewo - palac

Prof. Łukasz Stettner, Scientific Director of the Institute, represents the Director of the Institute in his host duties and in contacts with organizers and participants of conferences.

Prof. Stanisław Janeczko, Chairman of the Banach Center, takes care of coordination and acceptance of conferences organized at MRCC and their financing.

Będlewo Palace

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