About the Conference Center 

The Institute of Mathematics' Conference Center in Będlewo is located 26 km southwest from the center of Poznań (2 km from the Poznań - Wrocław route). The Center is situated in a charming spot on the border of the Wielkopolski National Park, among great woods and beautiful lakes. The complex spans 9 hectars, including a strictly preserved forest area. The Center itself is located in two buldings: a neogothic palace built in 1866, and a modern and fully equipped hotel.


Our Center is an ideal, quiet place for hosting scientific conferences, trainings, courses and integration meetings. We offer four conference halls (hosting 40, 60 and two times 120 people). At present the smallest hall serves as a reading room. The 60 and 120-people halls are fully equipped with conference chairs, blackboards, screens, multimedia projectors and sound systems, with optional TV and VCR equipment available. There are also two computer rooms with Internet access.


We offer several attractions to make our guests' stay more pleasant. We organize official dinners, banquets, karaoke nights, dancing events, campfires and guided coach trips. Our guests may use the Palace bar, visit a sauna, play billiards and table tennis and go cycling. We accept all the credit cards.

We offer special treatment for workshops and conference organizers. The special, lowered price includes the cost of a one-day stay at our Center (bed and three daily meals, conference hall lease and two coffee breaks).  We are open to negotiations and offer price reductions from November to March.