The Institute of Mathematics is one of the main centers of mathematical research in Poland. Our activities involve specialists in all fields of Mathematics, with about fifty mathematicians employed at the Institute and many short-time  and part-time positions each year.

The Institute participates in several research projects, organizes weekly over forty seminars, and offers full Ph.D. studies  in Mathematics.

One of the essential features of the Institute is its nation-wide character with branches outside Warsaw: in Cracow, Gdańsk, Katowice, Poznań, Toruń, and Wrocław.

The Stefan Banach Mathematical Center, part of the Institute, promotes nad stimulates international cooperation in mathematics and hosts international workshops and conferences. A part of these activities take place at the new Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo (near Poznań) which offers a friendly atmosphere and full infrastructure for scientific meetings.

The Institute publishes several internationally recognized journals, serials, and conference proceedings.

The library, with about 70.000 book volumes and 660 titles of current journals, is the best mathematical library in Poland and a part of National Library Resources.