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Qualitative properties of solutions

35B05General behavior of solutions of PDE (comparison theorems; oscillation, zeros and growth of solutions; mean value theorems)
35B10Periodic solutions
35B15Almost periodic solutions
35B25Singular perturbations
35B27Homogenization; partial differential equations in media with periodic structure
[See also 74Qxx, 76M50]
35B30Dependence of solutions of PDE on initial and boundary data, parameters
[See also 37Cxx]
[See also 37Gxx, 37K50]
35B33Critical exponents
35B35Stability, boundedness
35B37PDE in connection with control problems
[See also 49J20, 49K20, 93C20]
35B38Critical points
35B40Asymptotic behavior of solutions
35B42Inertial manifolds
35B45A priori estimates
35B50Maximum principles
35B60Continuation and prolongation of solutions of PDE
[See also 58A15, 58A17, 58Hxx]
35B65Smoothness and regularity of solutions of PDE
35B99None of the above, but in this section