Zakład Układów Dynamicznych




O Zakładzie

The Laboratory exists since 2006. Before it was a part of the Laboratory of Functional Analysis. Its research staff includes: Feliks Przytycki (the head, permanent position), Michal Rams (long term), Pawel Walczak (part time), Krzysztof Frączek (part time), Carlos Cabrera (2006/2007), Neil Dobbs (2007/2008). The main fields of research run in the Laboratory are holomorphic dynamics in dimension 1, dynamical fractals and geometric dimensions, foliations and other topics in dynamical systems. It runs dynamical systems seminar and cooperates with Dynamical Systems Laboratory at Warsaw University. It is involved in the European FP6 Marie Curie programs ToK Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamics, Fractals, Turbulence (SPADE2) and RTN Conformal Structures and Dynamics (CODY).

1. Iteration of holomorphic maps

2. Dynamics, complexity, ergodic theory

3. Fractals, iterated function systems, thermodynamical formalism and geometric measure theory point of view

4. Structures on manifolds, group actions, foliations