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The Katowice Branch of the Institute of Mathematics was founded in 1966. Jan Mikusiński was the head of the Branch until his retirement in 1984. From 1985 to 1994 the Branch was headed by Piotr Antosik, and then by Ryszard Rudnicki. The following mathematicians worked in the Branch: B. Aniszczyk, P. Antosik, J. Burzyk, T. Dłotko, C. Ferens, P. Hallala, A. Kamiński, W. Kierat, C. Kli¶, S. Krasińska, M. Kuczma, A. Lasota, S. Lewandowska, Z. Lipecki, K. Łoskot, J. Mikusiński, P. Mikusiński, J. Mioduszewski, J. Pochciał, R. Rudnicki, Z. Sadlok, K. Skórnik, W. Smajdor, T. Szarek, Z. Tyc, J. Uryga and P. Uss.

The main line of research has been closely related to Prof. Mikusiński's interests. The dominating topics of investigations are sequential theory of distributions, Mikusiński operational calculus and convergence theory. The main results obtained in this area are: introduction of regular and irregular operations on distributions and local derivatives, functional description of the convergence in the field of Mikusiński operators, axiomatic theory of convergence, diagonal theorems and Paley-Wiener type theorems for regular operators. Moreover, several results concerning applications of operational calculus to differential equations, theory of controllability and special functions have been obtained.

Numerous results obtained by Mikusiński's team are presented in five books written by Mikusiński, Antosik, Sikorski and Boehme. Mikusiński's books have been translated into various languages, for example "Operational Calculus'' was published in Polish, English, Russian, German, Hungarian and Japanese.

In the early nineties a group of scientists connected with Prof. Andrzej Lasota began to work in the Branch. Their main research interests are in probability theory, partial differential equations and biomathematics. The main results obtained are: sufficient conditions for asymptotic stability of Markov operators and semigroups, asymptotic behaviour of solutions of generalized Fokker-Planck equations, constructions of semifractals and global properties of nonlinear models of population dynamics.

Selected publications


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