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Journals on bookshelf and with electronic access - F

  Facta Universitatis. Ser. Mathematics and Informatics (1998-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFacta Universitatis. Ser. Mathematics and Informatics (1998-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFar East Journal of Applied Mathematics
On bookshelf on bookshelfFar East Journal of Dynamical Systems
On bookshelf on bookshelfFar East Journal of Mathematical Sciences (FJMS)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFar East Journal of Theoretical Statistics
On bookshelf on bookshelfFasciculi Mathematici (2005-2013)
On bookshelf up to 2010Fibonacci Quarterly (1963-2014)
  Fields Notes Research in Mathematical Science (1999-2013)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFilomat od v. 7/1993. Wczesniej: Zbornik Radova. Filozofski Fakultet Univerziteta u Nisu (2000-2014)
On bookshelf up to 2012Finance and Stochastics (1996-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFinance and Stochastics (1996-2014)
  Finance Research Letters (2004-2014)
  Financial Accountability & Management (1997-2014)
  Financial Counseling & Planning (2004-2013)
  Financial Management (2005-2014)
  Financial Markets, Institutions & Economics (1997-2014)
  Financial Review (1997-2014)
  Financial World (1996-1997)
  Finite Elements in Analysis & Design (1995-2014)
  Finite Elements in Analysis & Design (2002-2014)
On bookshelf up to 2011Finite Fields and Their Applications (1995-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFixed Point Theory (2000-2014)
On bookshelf up to 2010Fixed Point Theory and Applications (2004-2014)
On bookshelf up to 1993Fiziko-Matematicesko Spisanie
On bookshelf up to 2005Fizikos ir Matematikos Fakulteto Mokslinio Seminaro Darbai od roku 2006 nowa numeracja oraz zmiana nazwy na: Siauliai Mathematical Seminar
  Fluid Dynamics Research (1986-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFocus. The Newsletter of the Mathematical Association of America
On bookshelf on bookshelfFolia Mathematica. Acta Universitatis Lodziensis
  Forma (1999-2014)
  Formal Aspects of Computing (1998-2014)
  Formalized Mathematics (2006-2014)
  Fortschritte der Physik (1999-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfForum Akademickie (1998-2014)
  Forum Geometricorum (2001-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfForum Mathematicum (2001-2014)
  Forum of Mathematics, Pi (2013)
  Forum of Mathematics, Sigma (2013-2014)
  Foundations & Trends in Stochastic Systems (2006)
  Foundations of Computational Mathematics (2001-2014)
  Fractals (1999-2013)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFractals. Complex Geometry, Patterns and Scaling in Nature and Society (2001-2014)
  Fractional Calculus & Applied Analysis (2011-2014)
On bookshelf up to 2010Fractional Calculus & Applied Analysis. An International Journal for Theory and Applications (1998-2014)
  FRBSF Economic Letter (1995-2014)
  FRBSF Weekly Letter (1995-2014)
On bookshelf up to 1994From the Logical Point of View
  Frontiers of Mathematics in China (2006-2014)
  Functional Analysis And Its Applications (1967-2014)
  Functional Analysis and Other Mathematics (2006-2011)
  Functional Analysis, Approximation and Computation (2009-2014)
  Functional Differential Calculus (2011-2013)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFunctiones et Approximatio Commentarii Mathematici
On bookshelf on bookshelfFundamenta Informaticae (1999-2014)
  Fundamenta Mathematicae (1920-2000)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFundamenta Mathematicae (2001-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFundamentalnaja i Prikladnaja Matematika (1995-2014)
  Funkcialaj Ekvacioj (1958-1997)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFunkcialaj Ekvacioj (2003-2014)
On bookshelf on bookshelfFunkcionalnyj Analiz i ego Prilozenija (1967-2011)
On bookshelf up to 2011Fuzzy Sets and Systems (1995-2014)