Mathematical English Usage - a Dictionary

by Jerzy Trzeciak


[see also: select, pick]

This implies that however we choose the points $y_i$, the intersection point will be their limit point.

In fact, we are at liberty to choose the function $f$, so we set $f=$ ......

This also resolves the ambiguity introduced earlier in choosing an order of the lifts of $U$.

Where we could, we have chosen these examples from naturally occurring mathematical structures. [Not: “choosen”; also, note the double r in occurring.]

......where $C$ is so chosen $\langle$chosen so$\rangle$ that ......

......where $C$ can be chosen independent of $n$.

Here $a$ and $b$ are chosen to satisfy ......

Here $Y$ is a Poisson variable suitably chosen to approximate $X$ in distribution.

If $A$ is such an operator (appropriately chosen) then ......

However, the space $Z$ depends crucially on the particular ambient algebra $A$ chosen.

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