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T. Kania, P. Koszmider, N. J. Laustsen, Banach spaces whose algebra of bounded operators has the integers as their K0-group
Let X and Y be Banach spaces such that the ideal of operators which factor through Y has codimension one in the Banach algebra B(X) of all bounded operators on X, and suppose that Y contains a complemented subspace which is isomorphic to Y+Y and that X is isomorphic to X+Z for every complemented subspace Z of Y. Then the K0-group of B(X) is isomorphic to the additive group Z of integers. A number of Banach spaces which satisfy the above conditions are identified. Notably, it follows that K0(B(C([0,w1]))) is Z, where C([0,w1]) denotes the Banach space of scalar-valued, continuous functions defined on the compact Hausdorff space of ordinals not exceeding the first uncountable ordinal w1, endowed with the order topology.

Piotr Koszmider; Universal objects and associations between classes of Banach spaces and classes of compact spaces
In the context of classical associations between classes of Banach spaces and classes of compact Hausdorff spaces we survey known results and open questions concerning the existence and nonexistence of universal Banach spaces and of universal compact spaces in various classes. This gives quite a complex network of interrelations which quite often depend on additional set-theoretic assumptions.

Accepted to a special issue of Publications de l'Institut Mathématique (Beograd)
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