Bihamiltonian Geometry and Integrable Systems

Summer school:
Bihamiltonian Geometry and Integrable Systems

28 August - 2 September, 2011, Będlewo

This is a meeting in the format of “Summer school” addressed mainly to graduate and postgraduate students and young researchers. The aim is to spread the knowledge on differential geometry of the so-called bihamiltonian systems and to elucidate their role in the general theory of integrable systems. The programme of the Summer School included the following cycles of the lectures:

1.    Maciej Błaszak, “Geometric theory of separability” (4 hours).
2.    Alexei Bolsinov, “Singularities of bihamiltonian systems” (4 hours).
3.    Adam Doliwa, “On geometry of discrete integrable systems” (3 hours).
4.    Andriy  Panasyuk “Introduction to Poisson and bihamiltonian geometry” (3 hours).
5.    Mikhael Semenov-Tian-Shansky, “Bihamiltonian structures and classical r-matrices” (4 hours).
6.    Francisco Javier Turiel “A geometric approach to the local theory of bihamiltonian structures” (4 hours).
7.    Ilya Zakharevich, “On construction of bi-Poisson structures” (4 hours).

Apart from the above, a 1-hour paper was presented by A. Sergyeyev "Recursion operators for dispersionless integrable systems in any dimension", and there was a poster session, which made it possible for the young participants of the school to present the results of theitr scientific research.

The texts of the lectures will serve as a basis to the set of articles on the bihamiltonian structures, which will be written together by the following lecturers: A. Bolsinov, A. Panasyuk, F.J. Turiel and I. Zakharevich.

Organizing Committee

  • Adam Doliwa
  • Andriy Panasyuk

Programm Committee

  • M. Błaszak (Poznan)
  • A. Bolsinov (Loughborough)
  • A. Doliwa (Olsztyn)
  • A. Panasyuk (Olsztyn)
  • M. Semenov-Tuian-Shansky (Dijon)
  • F.J.Turiel (Malaga)
  • I. Zakharevich (Berkeley)



  • Bodzioch Mariusz
  • Domański Ziemowit
  • Izosimov Anton
  • Jastrzębski Piotr
  • Piotr Kamieński
  • Konyaev Andrei
  • Kozlov Ivan
  • Andrei Oshemkov
  • Łukasz Piękoś
  • Sergyeyev Artur
  • Smirnov Gleb
  • Szablikowski Błażej
  • Szczelina Robert
  • Tereszkiewicz Gabriela
  • Tonkonog Dmitry
  • Vuk Martin
  • Wiśniewski Damian
  • Zagladko Iryna
  • Żyjewski Krzysztof