Galois Representations and Automorphic Forms

Galois Representations and Automorphic Forms

15 - 20 August, 2011, Będlewo

The conference will concern the following three major topics:

1. Modularity of Galois representations.
2. Galois l-adic representations and abelian varieties.
3. The Langlands program.

The purpose of the conference is the meeting of many specialists working in Galois representation theory and automorphic forms, to present most recent results and current directions in this very important part of Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry. The conference will give a chance to many participants for discussions and for starting joint research projects. This conference will also be a great opportunity for young mathematicians to discuss mathematics with many specialists and learn about new results and methods which they can use in their prospective research.
The proceedings of the Conference are planned to be published in the Banach Center Publications.

Organizing and Scientific Committee

  • Grzegorz Banaszak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)
  • Stefan Barańczuk (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)
  • Tobias Berger (The University of Sheffield)
  • Krzysztof Kłosin (The City University of New York)


  • Adebisi Agboola, University of California, Santa Barbara ,USA
  • Mitsuhiro Aoki, Nagoya University, Japan
  • Grzegorz Banaszak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Stefan Barańczuk, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Tobias Berger, Sheffield University, UK
  • Laurent Berger, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
  • Gebhard Boeckle, Universitat Heidelberg, Germany
  • Pierre Colmez, C.N.R.S., Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu, Paris, France
  • Agnes David, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
  • Fred Diamond, King's College London, UK
  • Neil Dummigan, Sheffield University, UK
  • Ellen Eischen, Northwestern University, USA
  • Wojciech Gajda, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Eknath Ghate, Tata Institute, Mumbai, India
  • Krzysztof Górnisiewicz, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Shin Hattori, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Tomasz Jędrzejczak, University of Szczecin, Poland
  • Andrei Jorza, California Institute of Technology, USA
  • Krzysztof Kłosin, City University of New York, USA
  • Piotr Krasoń, University of Szczecin, Poland
  • Adrian Łydka, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Giovanni di Matteo, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
  • Jan Milewski, Technical University of Poznan, Poland
  • Jan Nekovar, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), France
  • James Newton, Cambridge University, UK
  • Wiesław Nizioł, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA
  • Sandra Rozensztajn, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
  • Piotr Rzonsowski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Rene Schoof, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
  • Ramesh Sreekantan, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Centre, Karnataka, India
  • Bogdan Szydło, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Jacques Tilouine, Universite Paris 13, France
  • Yoichi Uetake, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Michał Zydor, University of Warsaw, Poland & Ecole Polytechnique, France.


Tuesday, August 16
8:50 Opening of the conference
09:00-10:00 Jacques Tillouine "Overconvergent Igusa tower and overconvergent Siegel modular forms"
10:15-11:15 Ramesh Sreekantan "Higher Chow cycles on Abelian Surfaces"
11:45-12:45 Wiesława Nizioł "Semistable Conjecture- the open case"
15:00-16:00Gebhard Boeckle "Irreducibility of local versal deformation rings in the (p,p)- case"
16:30-17:30 James Newton "Interpolating the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence- an example of p-adic Langlands functoriality"
19:00 The conference bonfire party
Wednesday, August 17
09:00-10:00 Rene Schoof "Linear forms in logarithms and the modular curve associated to the normalizer of a non-split Cartan subgroup of level 11"
10:15-11:15 Laurent Berger "Modular representations of GL_2 (Q_p)
11:45-12:45 Grzegorz Banaszak "Mumfold-Tate and Algebraic Sato-Tate groups
14:30-15:30 Krzysztof Kłosin "Modularity of residually reducible Galois representations"
15:45-16:45 Eknath Ghate "Local semi-simplicity over totally real fields"
17:15-18:15 Jorza Andrei "Towards Local-Global Compatibility for GL(2) and GSp (4)
Thursday, August 18
9:00-10:00 Pierre Colmez "Representations of GL2 (Qp) and (phi, Gamma)- module
10:15-11:15 Jan Nekovar "Some consequences of a formula of Mazur and Rubin for arithmetic local constants"
11:45-12:45 Piotr Krasoń "On the image of l-adic Galois representations for some classes of abelian varieties
15:00-16:00 Tobias Berger "On the similitude theta lift from an orthogonal to a symplectic group"
16:30-17:30 Ellen Eischen "An Eisenstein measure for unitary groups"
19:00 The conference dinner
Friday, August 19
9:00-10:00 Fred Diamond "Reductions of local Galois representations arising from Hilbert modular forms"
10:15-11:15 Adebisi Agboola "On the arithmetic of special values of p-adic L-functions"
11:45-12:45 Wojciech Gajda "On indipendence of l-adic representations over finitely generated fields"
15:00-16:00 Yoichi Uetake "Scattering theory for automorphic forms on adele groups"
16:30-17:30Neil Dummigan "A simple trace formula for algebraic modular forms"