Geometry of Mechanics

Research group:
Geometry of Mechanics

19 - 26 June, 2011, Warsaw

The research group was devoted to summing up the recent investigations in the area of geometric methods for describing the mechanical systems for systems with constraints and classical fields.

It has preceded the conference Geometry of Manifolds and Mathematical Physics, Krakow 27th June 2011 - 1st July 2011, to celebrate the 80th birthday of Włodzimierz Tulczyjew


  • Janusz Grabowski (IMPAN)
  • Paweł Urbański (UW)


  • Giovanni Moreno - University of Salerno (Italy)
  • Włodzimierz M. Tulczyjew - INFN (Italy)
  • Luca Vitagliano - University of Salerno (Italy)
  • Janusz Grabowski (IMPAN)
  • Katarzyna Grabowska (UW)
  • Michał Jóźwikowski (IMPAN)
  • Jerzy Kijowski (CFT PAN)
  • Javier de Lucas (IMPAN)
  • Maciej Łukasik (UW)
  • Paweł Urbański (UW)


  • Janusz Grabowski: Dirac Algebroids
  • Paweł Urbański: Hamilton-Jacobi equation and Jacobi method in analitical mechanics
  • Luca Vitagliano: Skinner-Rusk formalism in classical mechanics and field theory
  • Giovanni Moreno: A cohomological formalism for natural boundary conditions
  • Katarzyna Grabowska: Geometry of classical firld theories
  • Włodzimierz Tulczyjew: Dynamics with external forces revisited