Singularities in Geometry and Applications

Singularities in Geometry and Applications

5 – 21 May, 2011, BÄ™dlewo


Abstracts of invited talks

Abstracts of contributed talks and posters

Minicourse-Carmen Romero Fuster Lecture 1

Minicourse-Carmen Romero Fuster Lecture 2

Minicourse-Carmen Romero Fuster Lectures 3-4: Part 1

Minicourse-Carmen Romero Fuster Lectures 3-4: Part 2

Minicourse-Alexey Davidov Lecture 1

Minicourse-Alexey Davidov Lecture 2

Minicourse-Farid Tari Lecture 1

Minicourse-Farid Tari Lecture 2

Peter Giblin: In Memoriam Ian R. Porteous 9 October 1930 – 30 January 2011

JuanJ.Nuno-Ballesteros: Topological K-equivalence of Map Germs

Carles Bivia-Ausina: Lojasiewicz Exponents, Rees Mixed Multiplicities and Newton Filtrations

Sofia Castro: Intrinsic complete transversals and symmetric bifurcations

Peter Donelan: Singularities of Robot Manipulators. Lie Groups and Exponential Products

Daniel Dreibelbis: Duality for Immersed Manifolds

Victor Goryunov: Local invariants of maps between 3-manifolds

Goo Ishikawa: Singularities of Tangent Varieties to Curves and Surfaces

Isabel Labouriau: The Geometry of Fast and Slow Dynamics in Nerve Impulse

Juan Moya Pérez: Topologically Determined Map Germs from R3 to R3

Graham Reeve:Centre Symmetry Sets in 4-Space

Marcelo Saia: Topological Classification of Map Germs from the Plane to the Plane

Kentaro Saji: Geometry of Wavefronts

Federico Sanchez-Bringas: Geometric Invariants on Lorentzian Surfaces Immersed in Minkowski Space

Farid Tari: Umbilics of surfaces in the Minkowski 3-space

Handan Yildirim: Slant Geometry of Spacelike Hypersurfaces in the Lightcone with respect to the φ-de Sitter duals