Vector Distributions and sub-Riemannian Systems

Vector Distributions and sub-Riemannian Systems

30 March, 2011 – 2 April, 2011 | Warsaw

Organizing Committee

  • M. Dunajski (Cambridge and Warsaw)
  • B. Jakubczyk (Warsaw)


Wednesday, 30 March
10:00   Opening coffee
10:15 Bernard Bonnard (Dijon, France) Riemannian metrics on two-spheres and extensions with applications to optimal control
11:30 Andreas Cap (Vienna, Austria) Parabolic geometries determined by distributions
14:15 Witold Respondek (Rouen, France) Introduction to sub-Riemannian systems (part I, II)
16:15 Stefan Ivanov (Sofia, Bulgaria) Quaternionic contact Yamabe problem and related geometric structures
Thursday, 31 March
10:00 Frederic Jean (Paris, France) Nonholonomic control systems: nilpotent approximations, desingularization and steering by sinusoidal controls
11:15 Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge, UK and IMPAN, Warsaw) A geometry of cuspidal cubics
12:15 Wojciech Kryński (IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette, France and IMPAN, Warsaw) On parabolic (3,5,6)-distributions
15:30 Igor Zelenko (College Station, USA) Rauch type comparison theorems in sub-Riemannian Geometry
16:30 Paweł Nurowski (Warsaw) Differential equations and para-CR structures (tentative title)
Friday, 1 April
10:00 Boris Doubrov (Minsk, Belarus) Geometry of curves in parabolic geometries
11:15 Bronisław Jakubczyk (Warsaw) Affine distributions and dynamic pairs - curvatures and conjugate points (common work with Wojciech Kryński)
12:15 Piotr Mormul (Warsaw) Nonholonomy degrees in [special] Monster tower for jets of plane curves. Question about entire small growth vectors in that tower
15:30 Witold Respondek (Rouen, France) Flatness of canonical Cartan distributions
16:30 TBA
Saturday, 2 April
10:00 Igor Zelenko (College Station, USA) Jacobi symbols of vector distributions
11:00 Ben Warhurst (Warsaw) Tangent cones are not quasiconformal invariants
12:00 Marek Rupniewski (Warsaw) Singular velocities of even-rank affine distributions


  • Bernard Bonnard (Dijon, France)
  • Andreas Cap (Vienna, Austria)
  • Boris Doubrov (Minsk, Belarus)
  • Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge, UK)
  • Marek Grochowski (UKSW, Warsaw)
  • Stefan Ivanov (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Bronisław Jakubczyk (IMPAN, Warsaw)
  • Frederic Jean (Paris, France)
  • Wojciech Jóźwikowski (IMPAN, Warsaw)
  • Wojciech Kamiński (UW, Warsaw)
  • Wojciech Kryński (IHES, France and Warsaw)
  • Piotr Mormul (UW, Warsaw)
  • Paweł Nurowski (UW, Warsaw)
  • Andryi Panasyuk (UWM, Olsztyn)
  • Gabriel Pietrzkowski (IMPAN, Warsaw)
  • Witold Respondek (INSA, Rouen, France)
  • Marek Rupniewski (PW, Warsaw)
  • Yuri Sachkov (Russia)
  • Katja Sagerschnig (Vienna, Austria)
  • Ben Warhurst (Switzerland and Warsaw)
  • Igor Zelenko (College Park, USA)