Poisson Geometry
Stanisław Zakrzewski in memoriam

Janusz Grabowski and Paweł Urbański (eds.)


Title pages
Foreword by Alan Weinstein5
Stanisław Zakrzewski (28.6.1951–30.4.1998)9– 10
S. Zakrzewski Poisson structures on R2n having only two symplectic leaves: the origin and the rest11– 13
S. Bouarroudj and V. Yu. Ovsienko Schwarzian derivative related to modules of differential operators on a locally projective manifold15– 23
P. Bonneau Classifications of star products and deformations of Poisson brackets25– 29
M. Cahen, S.  Gutt and J. Rawnsley Symplectic connections with parallel Ricci tensor31– 41
J. F. Cariñena and J. Clemente-Gallardo Quantization of the cotangent bundle via the tangent groupoid43– 53
V.  Chloup Linearization and star products55– 60
J.-P. Dufour Singularities of Poisson and Nambu structures61– 68
V. L. Ginzburg and R. Montgomery Geometric quantization and no-go theorems69– 77
J. Grabowski Isomorphisms of Poisson and Jacobi brackets79– 85
J. Huebschmann Differential Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras arising from twilled Lie-Rinehart algebras87– 102
E. Karolinsky A classification of Poisson homogeneous spaces of complex reductive Poisson-Lie groups103– 108
Y. Kosmann-Schwarzbach Modular vector fields and Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras109– 129
O. Kravchenko Deformations of Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras131– 139
J.  Kubarski Connections in regular Poisson manifolds over R-Lie foliations141– 149
P. Libermann On Liouville forms151– 164
Z. J. Liu Some remarks on Dirac structures and Poisson reductions165– 173
K. C. H. Mackenzie Affinoid structures and connections175– 186
G. Marí Beffa The theory of differential invariance and infinite dimensional Hamiltonian evolutions187– 196
C.-M. Marle On submanifolds and quotients of Poisson and Jacobi manifolds197– 209
K. Mikami and A. Weinstein Self-similarity of Poisson structures on tori211– 217
P. Mormul Contact Hamiltonians distinguishing locally certain Goursat systems219– 230
I. V. Mykytyuk and A. M. Stepin Classification of almost spherical pairs of compact simple Lie groups231– 241
N. Nakanishi Nambu-Poisson tensors on Lie groups243– 249
A. Panasyuk Veronese webs for bihamiltonian structures of higher corank251– 261
P. Stachura C*-algebra of a differential groupoid263– 281
I. Vaisman Aspects of geometric quantization theory in Poisson geometry283– 292