Sixth Framework Programme of the EU



1.IX.2005 - 31.VIII.2009

The subject of SPADE2 is interdisciplinary: methods of dynamical systems, 1,2, finite and infinite dimensional, the study of regularities and long time behaviour of solutions for some PDE's, as Navier-Stokes Eq., and fractal nature of arising attractors. Applications include fractals (data compression, signal transmission), flows in blood vessels, population dynamics, tomography.

The priorities in the project are the visits of top specialists from abroad giving series of lectures, and seminars with the participation of researchers and PhD students from IM PAN and other institutions. A special interdisciplinary ToK SPADE2 weekly seminar will be organized.

The partners of IM PAN for outgoing visits are the universities: Warwick, Paris 6, CAU Kiel, and research institutes SNS Pisa, INRIA Institute at Rocquencourt ("Projet Fractale").

The activities of ToK will be widely advertised through Web pages with abstracts of lectures and seminars, bulletins e-mailed to registered participants and PhD students. Some ToK survey lectures and courses will be published in Banach Center Publications. Openings of positions and vacancies will be published on the web page and adequate European bulletins.