Job opportunities

The project OPERATOR THEORY METHODS FOR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS (acronym TODEQ), supported by the European Commission within the Marie Curie Action "Transfer of Knowledge", offers positions of two types, for the period ending by March 31, 2010:

24 months altogether (minimum stay 3 months for each person) for researchers from outside of Poland (both from the EU and to some extent also from outside of the EU) having 4-10 years of experience after their university studies;

50 months altogether (minimum stay 2 months for each person) for scientists from outside of Poland (both from the EU and to some extent also from outside of the EU) with more than 10 years of experience.

The duties of the visitors include lecturing at seminars and conducting research in collaboration with the local staff and other participants.

The main topics concentrate around asymptotic properties of operator semigroups and related matters, operator functional calculi, fine spectral theory of differential and difference operators, applications of operator theory in numerical analysis and dynamical systems.

The deadline for applications is November 15 for each subsequent calendar year.

Candidates are invited to submit applications, including Curriculum Vitae and the list of publications. It is also IMPORTANT to indicate the preferable period(s) of stay at the host institution. The candidates will be informed about the decision within six weeks after the deadline. The applications should be sent to Mgr Ing. Katarzyna Soltyk-Soltycka, Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, P.O. Box 21, 00-956 Warsaw, Poland, tel.: 48 22 5228114, fax: 48 22 629 39 97, e-mail: .

For more details, see: Vacancy Details, Core Project Details.