Józef Marcinkiewicz

Born: March 4th, 1910, in Cimoszka (near Białystok) Russian Empire (now Poland)
Died: 1940, in Katyń

Józef Marcinkiewicz was born on March 4th, 1910, in Cimoszka (near Białystok). In 1930 he enrolled Stefan Batory University in Wilno and the next year he started to attend the Zygmund's seminar on trigonometric series. Their collaboration lasted until 1939 (they published 15 joint papers, the first, coauthored also with B. Jessen was published in Fundamenta Mathematicae in 1935). Marcinkiewicz finished his studies in 1933 and after spending one year in military service was appointed a junior assistant at Stefan Batory University. During this service he wrote his PhD dissertation and got his PhD in 1935. He spent the academic year 1935/36 in Lwów as a fellow of the Fund for National Culture. He collaborated there with S. Kaczmarz and J. Schauder. Marcinkiewicz made his habilitation in Wino in 1937. Józef Marcinkiewicz worked in real functions, trigonometric series, trigonometric inerpolation, functional analysis, orthogonal systems, probability theory and complex analysis. The list of his publications (written between 1933-1939) counts for 55 positions. He was taken war prisoner in 1939 and was executed together with a few thousands of Polish officers in 1940, most probably in Katyń, he was then 30 years old. In Zygmund's opinion he would become one of the biggest analysts of the second part of this century, could he live longer.

Reference: Józef Marcinkiewicz, Collected Papers, Warszawa 1964.