[see also: roughly, approximately]

The Taylor expansion of $f$ about $\langle$around$\rangle$ zero is ......

If $s_0$ lies below $ R_{-2}$, then we can reflect about the real axis and appeal to the case just considered.

These slits are located on circles about the origin of radii $r_k$.

The diameter of $F$ is about twice that of $G$.

Then $n(r)$ is about $kr^n$.

Let $A$ denote the rectangle $B$ rotated through $\pi/6$ in a clockwise direction about the vertex $(0,1)$.

What would this imply about the original series?

What about the case where $q > 2$?

It is hoped that a deeper understanding of these residues will help establish new results about the distribution of modular symbols.

On the other hand, there is enormous ambiguity about the choice of $M$.

In this section we ask about the extent to which $F$ is invertible.

Here the interesting questions are not about individual examples, but about the asymptotic behaviour of the set of examples as one or another of the invariants (such as the genus) goes to infinity.

However, as we are about to see, this complication is easily handled.

This brings about the natural question of whether or not there is any topology on the set of all possible itineraries.

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