[of sth; see also: description]

A very readable account of the theory has been given in [Zag].

We are indebted here to Villani's account (see [2]) of a standard generalization of convex conjugacy.

For a recent account we refer to [4].

See the simplified account in [2, Section 4].

See [17] for a brief account of the results obtained. [Not: “the obtained results”]

The Markov chain $z_k$ takes no account of how long the process stays in $V$.

On account of (5), we have ......


[for sth; see also: explain, justify, reason, represent]

This theorem accounts for the term “subharmonic”. [= explains]

So all the terms of (2) are accounted for, and the theorem is proved.

He accounts for all the major achievements in topology over the last few years. [= He records]

Firms employing over 1000 people accounted for 50% of total employment. [= represented 50%]

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