[see also: complication, problem, trouble]

We now indicate how that difficulty can be circumvented.

To get around $\langle$overcome$\rangle$ this difficulty, assume ......

The proof of Theorem 6 bypasses this difficulty.

We now indicate some of the inherent difficulties.

But this obvious attack runs into a serious difficulty.

The analogue of Theorem 1 presents no difficulty.

The difficulty disappears entirely if we think of our functions as elements of $E$.

The only difficulty is in showing that ......

As $M$ is ordered, we have no difficulty in assigning a meaning to $(a,b)$. [Not: “difficulty to assign”]

The difficulty is that it is by no means clear what one should mean by a normal family.

The difficulty consists in generalizing (b).

Some such difficulty is to be expected.

The assumption that the test statistics are identically distributed can be relaxed without much difficulty.

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