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It is Proposition 8 that makes this definition allowable.

It is this point of view which is close to that used in $C^*$-algebras.

It is a theorem of Watanabe that $A$ is an ideal in $A'$ if and only if ......

It is these buffers that make it easy to see that the limit continuum is contractible.

Of course, it is tacitly understood that it is this measure that is really under discussion.

It has to be assumed that ......

Theorem 2 makes it legitimate to apply integration by parts.

We leave it to the reader to verify that ......

We shall find it convenient not to distinguish between two such sequences which differ only by a string of zeros at the end.

But ......, it being impossible to make $A$ and $B$ intersect. [= since it is impossible to make]

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