[see also: equally, merely, only, simply, exactly, precisely]

His techniques work just as well for general $v$.

The other inequality is just as easy to prove.

When $n=0$, (7) just amounts to saying that ......

We shall be brief here and just estimate the terms that are the most challenging.

When there is no ambiguity we drop the dependence on $B$ and write just $Y_T$ for $Y_{T,B}$.

Now, just the fact that $F$ is a homeomorphism lets us prove that ......

Can $f(x)>1$ be replaced by just $x>1$?

The inverse image of $A$ consists of just the basepoint of $X$.

In fact, we shall prove our result under the weaker hypothesis that $W$ is weakly bounded, rather than just bounded, on an infinite subset of $G$.

This follows from Lemma 2 just the way (a) follows from (b).

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