[see also: mention, allude, touch, appeal, invoke, recourse]

For more details we refer the reader to [4].

We refer the reader to the body of the paper for details.

For a comprehensive treatment and for references to the extensive literature on the subject one may refer to the book [M] by Markov.

The interested reader is referred to [4] for further information. [Note the double r in referred.]

In the physical context already referred to, $K$ is the density of ......

This theorem will hereafter be referred to as the minimum principle.

We refer to these as homogeneous Sobolev spaces.

We shall also refer to a point as backward nonsingular, with the obvious analogous meaning.

In the following, all topological notions refer to the weak topology of $Y$.

To be precise, refer to the notation in Theorem 1 and define ......

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