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So all the terms of (2) are accounted for, and the theorem is proved.

This term drops out when $f$ is differentiated.

Each of the terms that make up $G(t)$ is well defined.

term-by-term differentiation

This theorem accounts for the term `subharmonic'.

The term `upath' is a mnemonic for `unit speed path'.

The answer depends on how broadly or narrowly the term `matrix method' is defined.

The above definition was first given in [D]; care is required because this term has been used in a slightly different sense elsewhere.

The $z$-component can be expressed in terms of the gauge function.

Our aim here is to give some sort of functorial description of $K$ in terms of $G$.

This can be easily reformulated in purely geometric terms.


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Garling has introduced a more general class of martingales, termed Hardy martingales.

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