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Apart from these two chapters, we make no use of the results of [4].

The proof makes essential use of the Sobolev inequalities.

This section makes heavy use of a theorem of Alsen and related results.

Our proofs make substantial use of classical topology of the plane.

That is—apart from the use of relaxed controls—precisely the stochastic Bellman equation.

In the following applications use will be made of ......

The idea behind our use of the $\sigma$'s is that ......

We depart from these previous works in our use of the non-ergodic versions of the basic machinery.

We now state a result that will be of use later.

For later use in conjunction with the weighted averages occurring in (2), we next consider ...... [Note the double r in occurring.]

For future use, choose any monotone $h(m)$ tending to infinity such that ......

The main new feature is the use of the face ring to produce lower bounds for the number of vertices.

The second way of constructing $K(F)$ is through the use of ......

Some proofs may be simplified by the use $\langle$by use$\rangle$ of ......


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We shall not use this fact in any essential way.

We obtain (using the fact that $Q$ is a probability measure) $Q(A)=$ ......

The advantage of using ...... lies in the fact that ......

Quite a few of them are now widely used.

We conclude with two simple lemmas to be used mainly in the proof of ......

This method for solving (1) was described in [5].

In [1] the methods used are those of differential topology.

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