Symposium on Optimal Control and Related Topics. Czesław Olech in memoriam.

20.10.2016 - 21.10.2016 | Warsaw

                                                                                                                                  Participants of the conference

Main topics:
 Optimal control;
 Differential inclusions;
 Dynamical and control systems.

practical information
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Please, note, that the first session on Thursday, October 20, is at Faculty of Mathematics, Warsaw University of Technology, room 103.

 Zvi Artstein (Weizmann Institute)
 Alberto Bressan (Penn State)
 Pavol Brunovsky (Comenius University)
 Arrigo Cellina (Univ. di Milano Bicocca) 
 Asen Dontchev (Mathematical Reviews, UMICH)
 Arno van den Essen (Univ. of Nijmegen)
 Hélène Frankowska (CNRS-UPMC, Paris)
 Andrzej Fryszkowski (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)
 Terry Rockafellar (University of  Washington)
 Tadeusz Rzeżuchowski (Warsaw Univ. of Technology)
 Richard Vinter (Imperial College)
 Jerzy Zabczyk (Institute of Mathematics PAS)
 Henryk Żołądek (University of Warsaw)

conference poster

For more information, please contact:
Bronisław Jakubczyk, b.jakubczyk@impan.pl
Tadeusz Rzeżuchowski, tarz@mini.pw.edu.pl

We plan a poster session; you can submit your poster at b.jakubczyk@impan.pl
Posters will be available at room 403 (Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences) on Friday, October 21.

All presentations can be downloaded from link https://cloud.impan.pl/index.php/s/lVRY07cfAcQ2tdT.


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