Noncommutative function spaces

12.02.2017 - 03.03.2017 | Będlewo, Łodź, Warsaw

The group’s objective will be twofold: developing a working theory of non-symmetric Markov semigroups in noncommutative L_p spaces (for arbitrary von Neumann algebras), together with the corresponding theory of Dirichlet forms; using complex and real interpolation for obtaining results on noncommutative Orlicz spaces for type III von Neumann algebras, in particular their normability.

The plan of work assumes two weeks of collaboration of J. M. Lindsay and S. Goldstein (from 12 to 26 February 2017): in Będlewo (12-18 February) and Łódź (18-26 February), and then one week of collaboration of J. M. Lindsay, A. Skalski and S. Goldstein in Warsaw (IM PAN) from 26 February till 3 March.

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