Set Theoretic Methods in Topology and Analysis

03.09.2017 - 09.09.2017 | Będlewo

Practical information


  • The meeting will take place in the Będlewo Conference Center  which is located about 30 km from Poznań. The address is:

  • Pałac Będlewo, ul. Parkowa 1, 62-060 Stęszew, Poland

    •  GPS: B=16°42'22.10''

    • Arrival:           Sunday            3 September, 2017 (afternoon)

      Departure:     Saturday         9 September, 2017 (morning)

      Scientific programme:         from Monday 4.9.2017 to Friday 8.9.2017

    • The conference starts with dinner at 19h (on Sunday, 3 Sept.), and finishes with breakfast (on Saturday, 9 Sept.).

      The hotel reception is open 24 hours a day. Lecture rooms are equipped with computer projectors, overhead projectors (suitable also for displaying printed paper or handwriting) and blackboards. Free Wi-Fi internet connection is available on the location. Leisure facilities include a sauna, table tennis, billiard, and a bar.



    • The currency used in Poland is Polish zloty (PLN). Please note that there are no ATMs in the Będlewo Conference Center and in the surrounding village.



    • To Poznań by plane: one can fly directly to Poznań–Ławica International Airport from major European cities. The airport is well-connected with the city center by public transport. There are bus stops right in front of the passenger terminal and in its close vicinity: Bus line 59 PORT LOTNICZY – POZNAŃ GŁÓWNY (timetable), Bus line 48 WYSZĘBORSKA – RONDO KAPONIERA (timetable).

      To Poznań by train: one can reach Poznań by train from Warsaw or Berlin (it takes about 3 hours), to find connections please check Polish Railways (PKP) or German Railways (DB).


      By minibus: we ordered minibus transportation

    • from Poznan Airport ---> through main train station (Poznan Glowny) ---> to the Bedlewo Conference Center

      on Sunday 3 September 2017

      starting point: Poznan airport, bus driver will be waiting near the exit from the arrivals hall, next to Currency Exchange Express and Information desk. Bus driver will display a banner saying "Bedlewo".

      starting hours: 15:00, 17:00, 20:00

      intermediate point: Poznan main train station (Poznań Główny). The bus will wait at "Dworzec letni" building at "Poznan Glowny" train station. To get to the bus exit the main building, please go 200m toward/under the road bridge, to the smaller yellow building of the train station (with sign "Dworzec letni"). The bus will wait there with sign "Bedlewo".

      final point: Bedlewo Conference Center

    • By taxi: the taxi ride to Będlewo costs around: 110 PLN from the Poznań main railway station / 120 PLN from the Poznań airport. These prices are guaranteed only when reservation is made in advance via the Będlewo Conference Center by calling reception at +48 61 8135187. We do not advice to take a regular taxi at the airport since their rates are typically higher.

      By train to Mosina and then by taxi to the Będlewo Conference Center (approx. 9 km, price 45-50 PLN) or by bus from Mosina (railway station) to Dymaczewo Nowe (3 km to the east of Będlewo). To find train connections please consult Polish Railways (PKP).

      By train to Stęszew and then by bus to the stop "Będlewo Skrzyżowanie" (2.5 km to the west of the palace, at the crossroads). To find train connections please consult Polish Railways (PKP).

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