IX International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry

17.06.2018 - 24.06.2018 | Warsaw


Invited speakers

Luis J. Alías Trapped submanifolds in de Sitter space
Miguel Brozos-Vázquez Four-dimensional quasi-Einstein manifolds
Erasmo Caponio On a Finslerian generalisation of standard static and stationary spacetimes
Piotr T. Chruściel The mass of asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
Wolfgang Globke Isometry Lie algebras of indefinite homogeneous spaces of finite volume
Philippe G. LeFloch Euclidian-Hyperboloidal foliations and CMC-harmonic coordinates
Jerzy Kijowski Trautman-Bondi mass: How much energy is carried by gravitational waves
Vicent Pecastaing Conformal groups of closed Lorentzian manifolds and their dynamics
Stefan Suhr Optimal transportation in Lorentzian geometry
Paul Tod Conformal methods in General Relativity with application to Conformal Cyclic Cosmology
Robert Wald The Memory Effect in Higher Dimensional Spacetime

Contributed speakers

Luis Alberto Aké Hau Splitting of globally hyperbolic spacetimes with timelike boundary
Ildefonso Castro-Infantes Curves in Lorentz-Minkowski plane with prescribed curvature
Ivan Costa e Silva Hausdorff topology on the future causal boundary and a novel definition of null infinity
Esma Demir Çetin Singularities of Developable Surfaces in Lorentz 3-Sace
Maciej Dunajski Solitons on the wormhole
José L. Flores Ehlers-Kundt conjecture about GravitationalWaves and Dynamical Systems
Melanie Graf Rigidity of asymptotically $AdS_2\times S^2$ spacetimes
Stacey Harris Towards an exploration of spacelike singularities in general spacetimes
Jónatan Herrera A generalized notion for black holes using the causal boundary
Mikołaj Korzyński Covariant and observer-independent approach to geometric optics in GR
Martin Lesourd Strenghtened light delay theorems
Jerzy Lewandowski Stationary isolated horizons of the Petrov type D
Verónica López Cánovas Codimension two spacelike submanifods through a null hypersurface of a pf-wave
Tomasz Miller Causal evolution of probability measures
Lorenzo Nicolodi Lorentz manifolds whose restricted conformal group has maximal dimension
Miguel Ortega Hopf Real Hypersurfaces in the Indefinite Complex Projective Space
José A. S. Pelegrín Extending Calabi’s duality
Istvan Racz A new proof of the positive mass theorem
Çagla Ramis Transition Surfaces Foliated by Circles in Lorentzian Space
Gabriel Ruiz Timelike surfaces in Minkowski space with a canonical null direction
Clemens Sämann Lorentzian length spaces
Yafet Sanchez Green operator for low regularity spacetimes
Fábio Santos Characterizations of Spacelike Submanifolds with Constant Scalar Curvature in the de Sitter Space
Didier Solis Classification of null hypersurfaces in Robertson Walker spacetimes
Roland Steinbauer The classical singularity theorems under optimal regularity conditions
Arman Taghavi-Chabert Lorentzian geometry and CR structures
Juan A. Valiente Kroon Killing spinor data on non-expanding horizons and the uniqueness of vacuum stationary black holes
Yusuf Yaylı Mannheim Slant Helix in Lorentz-Minkowski Space
Handan Yıldırım About Legendrian non-flat dual surfaces of a spacelike curve in the lightcone

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