Multivariate and Mixed Linear Models (MMLM 2019)

28.04.2019 - 04.05.2019 | Będlewo

Multivariate and Mixed Linear Models

The goal of the conference is to summarize 16 research group meetings in Będlewo started in 2009 and resulting in over 50 peer reviewed papers in good statistical journals and one book. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers sharing an interest in statistical procedures in multivariate and mixed linear models together with their applications in economy, agriculture or engineering. One of the objectives is to apply tensor operators to statistical modeling of highly complex data which arises in almost all fields of contemporary science and technology. The main topics of the meeting are optimal estimation and hypothesis testing on covariance structure. The participants will present the results and current developments of their research. Mutual discussions on possible solutions to the presented problems are main and significant part of the meeting.

We are pleased to announce that the special Symposium on Big Data will be held just after the conference, on Saturday, 4th of May. The main speaker of this seminar is Prof. S. Ejaz Ahmed from Brock University, Canada. In the second part of the symposium practical aspects of Big Data will be discussed. For registration and payment details see Registration and Fees.

The conference is coorganized and supported by Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center, Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.



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