Analysis of Semi-Groups

05.12.2021 - 08.12.2021 | Będlewo

The aim of the meeting is a discussion around the theory of semigroups for problems coming from Partial Differential Equations. Our small workshop is dedicated for PhD students supported by experts in the field. To improve the impact of our meeting we plan to organize first a rapid summary of the basic theory of analytical semigroups in the language we plan to use in the considered applications. The directions we plan to deal with are the following:
– PDEs on metric graphs (Aleksandra Puchalska);
– R- boundedness and maximal regularity (Tomasz Piasecki);
– Interpolation theory and regularity in Lorentz spaces (Piotr Mucha).

The general theories will be illustrated by examples from applied mathematics, mostly from fluid mechanics, like Burger equation, but also we will look at needs coming from fields like population dynamics.  


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