12.09.2022 - 16.12.2022 | Warszawa

Algebraic Geometry with Applications to TEnsors and Secants: 12 Sep – 16 Dec 2022


We are pleased to announce a semester focused on tensors in geometry. The program is a part of series of research oriented Simons Semesters at the Banach Center in Warsaw (Poland), with supplementary funding from IMPAN and NCN. All events are scheduled to be in-person and in Warsaw at IMPAN and MIM UW.

The organizers of the semester are Jarosław BuczyńskiWeronika BuczyńskaFrancesco GaluppiJoachim Jelisiejew.

Previous Simons semesters in Warsaw connected to algebraic geometry were minipages (2016)  and VAT (2018).



Focus Points

  • Classical theory of tensors: identifiability, ranks and border ranks, secant varieties and their equations, apolarity and border apolarity.
  • Applications in complexity theory: laser method, complexity of matrix multiplication, minimal border rank tensors, asymptotic invariants of tensors.
  • Moduli spaces behind tensors: varieties of sums of powers, Hilbert schemes of points, varieties of commuting matrices.
  • Applications in mathematical physics: quantum entanglement, geometric invariant theory and its applications, quantum states.

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