Independence and Conditional Aspects of Probability- postponed from 01-06.08.2021

17.07.2022 - 23.07.2022 | Będlewo

This conference was initially planned for the summer 2020 and postponed for two years because of the COVID pandemic. Russian invasion on Ukraine again put the organization of the conference in question. However we believe that it is important to continue collaboration and exchange of ideas in this tough and unstable time.

The aim of the conference is to intensify international collaboration in  independence and conditional aspects of probability. The conference will be an occasion to summarize the existing body of research and set further goals and joint projects.

The study of dependence structures from various points of view has recently gained a remarkable level of attention. On the one hand there are graphical models - rapidly developed theory which proved to be a powerful tool to study dependence. On the other hand there are interesting connections between classical and non-commutative probability. Random matrices and stochastic processes  give a natural intermediate realm between classical and non-commutative probability theory.


Range of topics

  1. Stochastic processes with a given conditional structure

  2. Independence structures of classical and noncommutative probability theory

  3. Random Matrices and connections to noncommutative probability theory

  4. Modeling dependence structure with graphs (graphical models)

  5. Stochastic models of particle systems, ASEP processes

  6. Applications of independence and conditional aspects of probability in statistics

  7. Ordered random structures

Celebration Banquet

During the conference dinner there will be a (two years delayed) celebration of the 60th birthday of Jacek Wesołowski.

Conference photo


This conference is co-organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science of Warsaw University of Technology.


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