Recent Advances in Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics Models

08.08.2022 - 12.08.2022 | Warsaw

Workshop "Recent Advances in Kinetic Theory and Fluid Dynamics Models" is organized in honour of Claude Bardos recognizing his significant contribution to the field of nonlinear Partial Differential Equations. Claude Bardos has had a huge direct and indirect influence on generations of applied mathematicians through his seminal and inspiring work on hyperbolic partial differential equations, kinetic equations, many-particle limits, and Vlasov equations. Moreover, his deep and profound research in fluid dynamics has advanced our knowledge of the Euler equations of gas dynamics, the Navier-Stokes equation, and boundary-layer problems.
The meeting will focus on the compressible and incompressible Euler systems, transport and continuity equations, and related models. Some attention will also be directed to the mesoscopic description of physical and biological processes and its relations with micro- and macroscopic descriptions.

Offcial website of the conference is available here


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