Ph. D. Program

The Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences runs a PhD Program in Mathematics. This program is stationary (i.e. the majority of the program requires direct interaction between the students and the faculty) and is run in cooperation with universities where it is possible to take courses. In principle it is a four year program. The majority of our PhD students receives financial support in the form of diverse local scholarships
The scientific supervision over the program is assumed by the Scientific Council of IM PAN. The organization of the PhD Program is coordinatad by the PhD Coordinating Comittee. Everyday matters are run by the PhD Coordinator.

The PhD Program at IM PAN provides a unique opportunity in Poland for obtaining an education in a dynamic mathematical research institute which takes an active part in the international scenario of mathematical discoveries. Our alumni, during over 60 years of the program achieved high international scientific positions and participated in the great mathematical discoveries of the last few decades. At the same time the Institute is devoted to its outreach mission and invites young enthusiasts of mathematics from entire country to create together the Institute and its educational space through the Ph. D. Program, other activities and through interacting with our research faculty. The financing of the Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science, where the Institute belongs, as a Leading National Research Center (KNOW) allows us to undertake some bold educational projects. They create conditions which allow to florish young talents aspiring to what is the best in mathematics.

PhD Coordinator

dr hab. Tomasz Adamowicz


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