Erasmus+ Program supports very effectively the internships of the foreign doctoral students at IM PAN. It also supports visits of our staff for giving minicourses or series of seminars. Other goals like internships of our doctoral students abroad or visits of foreign staff to IM PAN can also be supported by this program.

Erasmus+ Charter

Visiting IM PAN

Going Abroad

Erasmus+ IM PAN policy statement

The Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMPAN) is a leading research institution in Poland in the area of pure and applied mathematics. Via its branches, including the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center in Warsaw and the Mathematical Research and Conference Center in Będlewo (near Poznań), IMPAN organizes annually numerous international conferences, research and educational seminars, schools and similar activities during which mathematicians from different countries meet to learn, discuss new ideas, as well as recent research. The Institute hosts a number of international scholars for periods ranging from a couple of days to a year or more who actively contribute to the scientific life of the Institute by presenting lectures, giving seminars and participating in joint research with members of the Institute. Similarly, members of the Institute visit leading academic institutions abroad.

A part of Institute's mission is to provide highly educated mathematicians for research, academia, administration, financial institutions, as well as for industry. To this end, each year a carefully selected group of five to ten, of highly qualified students is accepted for the four years doctoral programme. The learning process is highly individualized. Each student is assigned a personal supervisor and together they set the individual learning and research programme. After four years a dissertation (of a quality of a good research paper) is expected. It is well understood that the student's participation in an international exchange of people, ideas and knowledge is an important part of a top level education and a personal curriculum as well.

IMPAN participates in several international programmes; e.g. European Union Marie Curie Actions:

  • FLUX, Towards regularity, 2013-2016
  • AOS, Asymptotics of operator semigroups, 2012-2016

In the recent years the Institute participated in many programs as above for example:

  • TOPDSC, Topological aspects of dynamical independence and chaos, 2011
  • GSQS, Geometry and symmetry of quantum spaces, 2009-2012
  • PROBQUANTUMGROUPS, probability and quantum groups, 2010-2012 Other present international projects of European Commission realized at the Institute include
  • Encrypt II, Network of Excellence in Cryptology


The Institute publishes several internationally recognized journals, serials, and conference proceedings. The Erasmus Policy Statement will be posted on the Institute webpage together with links to other places where general and detailed information on Erasmus Programme and Lifelong Learning Programme can be found. Furthermore, all our students will be informed via e-mail once each semester about the details of the Institute participation Erasmus Programme.

The Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is a relatively small institution with a splendid learning and research atmosphere and a long history of non-discrimination with respect to gender, race, religion, etc. Some efforts are made to help to integrate disabled persons. No additional actions are planned.

The institute encourages international exchange on the level of doctoral students (third cycle) and incoming Masters students (second cycle). Most of our doctoral students visit foreign institutions, either for short visits related to conferences, workshops or schools or spent entire semesters doing an internship. For the outgoing students the decision concerning participation in an exchange is taken jointly by the interested student and his/her supervisor. They both plan the academic side of the visit in line with the student's individual learning and research programme.

The incoming student has the same privileges as the students of the doctoral programme in the Institute. To each such student an individual mentor is assigned. The student's planned academic activities are decided in cooperation with his/her doctoral supervisor at the home institution. A specialized staff in the Institute assists in finding suitable accommodation for the period of student's stay in the Institute, as well as will extend some help in daily matters, if needed. For short visits accommodation in the Institute guest rooms is available.

The Institute, with its one of the best in the world mathematical library, and numbers of friendly fellow-mathematician provides an excellent place to study and research in mathematics. Due to the international nature of the Institute, it is standard that lectures, seminars and other academic activities are held in English, if there is such demand.

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