Foreign students

We welcome foreign students

One of the planned directons of the Ph. D. Program at IM PAN in the followinng years is the reactivation of the program in the version available for foreign students as well as to mobile participants. This is related to several factors, such as, the creation of the european educational space, obtaining the status of KNOW by IM PAN and so obtaining new financial resources, and a dynamic international educational policy in many countries.

Internships, Sandwich programs and other mobility options

At many universities in the entire world there is a possibility of spending some part of the Ph. D. program at different institution. We welcome to IM PAN. All solutions can be indivivually arranged. We recall the scholarships for visiting students at IM PAN within the Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science. Also many Ph. D. scholarships have separate parts which can be used for scientific stay at an institution like IM PAN. Another option is to take advantage of Erasmus program.

Credits for mobile students

All incoming students receive transcript of records complying with the ECTS standards. If necessary we provide additional information for their institutions. The description of some of our courses is located in the catalogue. It is limited because the individual program is established for each Ph.D. student separately.

Admission to our Ph.D. program

In diverse periods of its history the Ph. D. program at IM PAN had among its participants foreign Ph.D. students. Many of them returned to their countries and play there important mathematical roles. A foreign candidate who does not apply for financial support from IM PAN may take part in the admisson procedures without taking the oral exam which is compulsory otherwise. In that case two reference letters will be required.

Financial support for regular students

The only scholarship offered by IM PAN to foreign Ph. D. students which is high enough to allow to rent an apartment and get fixed up in a new coutry are the prestigious scholarships of the Warsaw Center of Mathematics and Computer Science. On the other hand, the cost of living and the rent are very low in Poland compared to many other coutries. The amount of approximately 800 euros per month is completely sufficient for very comfortable apartment and life in Warsaw on the Ph. D. student level. Many countries offer scholarships for Ph.D. students intending to study abroad. The interested candidates should apply to appropriate financing agencies in their countries. In the case of any formal, organizational or other questions, please contact the Ph.D. ccoordinator. The Institute will help the foreign candidates in solving basic practical difficulties like obtaining visas or renting an apartment. IM PAN does not charge any fees for the participation in the program.



Courses are in English or in the case of individual activities in any other language which is spoken by all the participants. Many activities at IM PAN or Warsaw University are in English or can be in English on request. So not speaking Polish should not restrict the diversity of the course offer at the University or at IM PAN. In the case of a complete Ph. D. program at IM PAN, according to the Polish law, a Ph. D. student should practise teaching (6 semesters, 2 hours per week). Classes can be given in English or in Polish.

Equal access and opportunities policy

The Institute and the Ph.D. program is committed to the policy of equal access and opportunities for participants from all backgrounds.

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