Nonresident students

The branches of the Institute and cooperation with universities

Traditionally IM PAN attempts to attract the best Ph. D. students which are not residents of the Warsaw area offering for them attractive scholarships and excelent scientfic conditions for preparing their Ph. D. Theses. Ph. D. supervisors can be research faculty members of the Institute as well as distinguished researchers from other institutes or universities in Poland or abroad. 
At the same time we provide formal arrangements allowing to maintain strong links with the area of residence or the workplace of our Ph.D. students. This is possible using our nationwide network of branches of IM PAN as well as through the option of taking some courses and the teaching load at selected universities in accordance with the outreach character of our Ph.D. program. Concrete solutions are established individually, so that high academic standards are maintained and the legal requirements are met.


If a candidate wishes to take a substantial part of the courses and his/her teaching outside of IM PAN and the Warsaw University, he/she goes through a separate admission process. The requirements are the same but the admission process is separate from the applicants to the Ph.D. Program at Warsaw University. See more details.

Housing financial support

Ph. D. students who take some of their courses and teaching away from their residence and renting apartments may apply for housing financial support.

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