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Ph. D. program coursework

Contents Semester
number of hours
Type of credit
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  
Seminar (sd) 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h Seminar 30h = ECTS 1
Courses directly connected with the Ph. D. Thesis (wrd) 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h monographic lecture 30h = ECTS 4 or seminar 30h = ECTS 1
Courses extending general math knowledge of the student (wwo) 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h 30h     lecture 30h = ECTS 2
Courses extending didactic skills (prud) 15 h during the first four semesters         lecture 15h = ECTS 5
Courses on additional subject for a Ph. D. exam (dd) 30 h before the end of the third year     lecture 30h = ECTS 2
Teaching 120 h during the entire course of studies  


1 could be chosen by the student (and aproved by the Ph.D. coordinator),
2 or passing an exam based on a reading course.

A student may apply for financial support for foreign language classes. A condition for continuing the program is the completion of the requirements for the preceding semester.

Ph. D. students should actively participate in the life of the Institute. In particular, resident Ph.D. students should attend the Yound Researchers Collooquium organized by IM PAN.

The actual coursework will be established for each student individually every semester by student's Ph. D. supervisor as agreed with the Ph.D. coordinator.


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