25 2 2010

3-7 years associate professor (docent) positions deadline for applications: February 25, 2010,


Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences announces an open call for 3-7 years associate professor (docent) positions The Institute offers 2 associate professor positions starting from the academic year 2010/2011 for mathematicians having already a few years research experience after PhD (having habilitation in the case of Polish candidates) The Institute expects the successful candidates to carry out intensive research in mathematics or its applications. The Institute expects the candidates to establish research teams at IMPAN, in particular to organize and run seminars, taking care of beginners, in particular PhD students, or actively participate in existing seminars. The Institute expects participation in Polish and international research programmes and grants, and applying for new ones. Achievements of the researchers employed within this competition will be evaluated periodically. It is expected that these achievements will be a basis for a full professorship. Applications are expected to contain a research/organizational programme, CV, list of publications, reprints of more important recent papers and recommendation letters (optional). Applications should be submitted by February 25, 2010, to the address “CALL 3-7" Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences ul. Sniadeckich 8 00-956, Warszawa 10, POB 21 POLAND  Additional information can be obtained from Mrs Anna Poczmańska, tel. +4822 5228101 or Prof. Feliks Przytycki, Scientific Director, tel. +4822 5228110. The recommendation of the Evaluation Committee and the decision of the Director will be taken in the middle of April and the candidates will be informed by mail soon after.

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