15 3 2008

International PhD studies, from October 2008, 4 years, number of positions: 1-2, deadline for applications: May 15, 2008


Erasmus Program International Ph.D. Studies The program A new year of the international program of study leading to Doctor's degree in Mathematics (equivalent to the PhD in Mathematics) starts on October 1, 2009. To qualify for the program candidates should possess a Master's degree in Mathematics or equivalent by September 30, 2009. The PhD program lasts from 2 to 4 years, depending on the student's background and progress. Mathematics in Warsaw Warsaw has a research community of about 200 mathematicians representing a broad spectrum of contemporary mathematics, pure and applied. The Institute of Mathematics (IMPAN) is a well-known research center with a faculty of over sixty mathematicians. It organizes numerous international conferences, hosts many foreign visitors and participates in several internationally sponsored research projects The Doctoral Program Programs of study will be available in most areas of mathematics that are represented at IM PAN. An individual advisor will be assigned to each student. Most of the student's work will be done under the advisor's supervision. The language of instruction is English. Financial support A tuition waiver is offered to all accepted candidates. The top-ranking candidates will be offered a scholarship consisting of the regular Polish stipend enlarged by an additional amount to offset the extra costs associated with study abroad (the so-called mobility cost). The total support will amount to 2704 PLN per month. It is customary at IM PAN that PhD students are initially accepted only for a period of 12 months. The decision concerning a student's further continuation is taken by the doctoral program's committee, based upon the student's merit and the achieved progress, by the end of April the following year.

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