2SEP 2022

Scientific semester "AGATES"

A scientific semester AGATES (Algebraic Geometry with Applications to Tensors and Secants) will takes place in Warsaw from September 12 till December 16, 2022.

The semester focuses on tensors and their applications in mathematics, computer science (computational complexity) and physics (quantum entanglement). Methods of algebra and geometry used to investigate tensors are also among the main topics. As a part of the program there are seven weekly workshops. The first two, which introduce the general topics and focus points (Introductory school 12-16 September, oraz Kickoff workshop 19-23 September), will take
place at MIMUW. Further ones concern more specific topics and take place at IMPAN (Tensors from the physics viewpoint 4-7 October, Geometry of secants 24-28 October, Algebraic geometry and complexity theory 14-18 November, Tensors in statistics, optimization and machine learning 21-25 November, Deformation theory workshop 4-9 December). In between workshops we forsee lectures and lecture series and discussions with invited guests.

For more details, please consult the semester webpage agates.mimuw.edu.pl .

The semester is organised jointly by Banach Center and Faculty of
Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of University of Warsaw, as a
part of "Simoms Semesters in Banach Center" and "Excellentce Initiative
of Research University" programmes.

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