How to get here

ul. Śniadeckich 8
00-656 Warszawa
tel.: 22 5228100


(distance about 12 km) BUS 188 - 20-30 minutes to the stop Metro Politechnika in Trasa Łazienkowska St., about 400 m from the Institute 

TAXI - take a taxi at the stand in front of the exit. 
Ignore the "taxi drivers" harrassing travellers in the airport hall. 


(distance about 1.5 km)

BUS 131, 501, 519, 525 or 522 - 10 minutes to Plac Konstytucji, about 50 m from the Institute

TRAM 10 - (direction "Mokotów"), 
Get off the tram at its 4th stop (Metro Politechnika), about 150 m from the Institute


The prices of the city transport (bus-tram-underground):

20 minutes* 3,40 PLN
75 minutes* 4,40 PLN
24 hours* 15,00 PLN
weekend (Friday 7 pm.
till Monday 8 am.)*
24,00 PLN
weekend (group up to
5 people)*
40,00 PLN
luggage free

* - with unlimited number of changes of means of transport


Take a taxi at the taxi stand, with a telephone number on top (especially 19191 and 19621, 19622). 
Price: about 1.80 - 3.00 złoty/km (depending on the taxi company, the price should be put on the door; on Sundays, holidays and at night 50% more) + the initial fee about 5 - 10 zl. It is recommended to ask about the approximate cost before the trip.

The price from the airport to IM PAN (BC or Library) should not exceed 50 zł (about $18). The price from the railway station to IM PAN should not exceed 20 zł (about $7).

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