Duality for double iterated outer $L^p$ spaces

Marco Fraccaroli Studia Mathematica MSC: Primary 42B35; Secondary 46E30. DOI: 10.4064/sm210423-19-6 Published online: 24 October 2022


We study the double iterated outer $L^p$ spaces, that is, the outer $L^p$ spaces associated with three exponents and defined on sets endowed with a measure and two outer measures. We prove that in the case of finite sets, under certain relations between the outer measures, the double iterated outer $L^p$ spaces are isomorphic to Banach spaces uniformly in the set, the measure, and the outer measures. We achieve this by showing the expected duality properties between them. We also provide counterexamples demonstrating that the uniformity does not hold in arbitrary settings on finite sets without further assumptions, at least in a certain range of exponents. We prove the isomorphism to Banach spaces and the duality properties between the double iterated outer $L^p$ spaces also in the upper half $3$-space infinite setting described by Uraltsev, going beyond the case of finite sets.


  • Marco FraccaroliMathematisches Institut
    Universität Bonn
    Endenicher Allee 60
    53115 Bonn, Germany

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