Towards regularity


The project Towards regularity (acronym: FLUX) is devoted to the mathematical analysis of an array of problems originating from different domains of real world applications. They include:

  • fluid mechanics
  • aerodynamics
  • geophysics
  • phase transitions
  • image processing
  • meteorology

The language for rigorous formulation of models of these phenomena is the theory of partial differential equations. In addition, we face free boundary problems.

Our goal is the complete analysis of the model equations. This begins with establishing global in time existence of properly defined solutions. This is a well-known fact that the notion of solution has to be adjusted to the specific problem we study. Once the first task is complete, the regularity and asymptotic behavior will be tackled.

The cooperation within the project should result in the development of new mathematical tools to deal with problems appearing in the mentioned above applications. The wide exchange on the level of PhD students and young researchers, that we are planning, will lay down foundations of a long lasting cooperation. Many researchers from the external institutions are world-renowned experts in their fields. Their participation in the project should clearly benefit the European partners.


Our project is supported within IRSES type program. International Research Staff Exchange Scheme is a program within Marie Curie Actions that aims at:

  • strengthening research partnerships through staff exchanges and networking activities between European research organizations and research organizations from across the world,
  • providing support to research organisations to establish or reinforce long-term research cooperation through a coordinated joint program of exchange of researchers for short periods.

This project encompasses cooperation of over 40 scientists from eight universities located in Europe, Asia and USA and is supposed to support over 150 scientific visits over 4 years of its duration.

Project summary

Full Title:
Towards regularity
Proposal number:
Scientific Panel:
MAT --- Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Grant Agreement Number:
Duration of the project:
48 months
Project start date:
January 1, 2013