A picture of me

Grigor Sargsyan

Current: Professor IMPAN at the Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences.

(2012-2021): Assistant and Associate Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University.

(2009-2012): NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA.

(2003-2009): PhD student at UC Berkeley.

(2000-2003): BA student at CUNY Baccalaureate Program.

Contact Information

Email: gsargsyan @ impan.pl
Address: IMPAN, Antoniego Abrahama 18, 81-825 Sopot, Poland


Baltic Set Theory Seminar
IMPAN Logic Colloquium
The First Gdansk Logic Conference


Jan Kostrzon, University of Warsaw, joint with Marcin Kysiak, MS expected 2023.
Derek Levinson, UCLA, joint with Itay Neeman, PhD expected 2023.
Obrad Kasum, Universite de Paris, joint with Boban Velickovic, MS 2021, PhD 2021-current
James Holland, Rutgers University, 2017-current
Takehiko Gappo, Rutgers University, 2018-current
Martin Koeberl, MS, Rutgers University, 2018


Douglass Blue, April 3-8, 2023
Diana Montoya, January 6-11, 2023
Omer Ben-Neria, Aug 19-27, 2022
Gabriel Goldberg, July 25-August 6, 2022
Ralf Schidler, February 5-11, 2022
Sandra Müller, October 24-30, 2021
Obrad Kasum, August 2021


The Core Model Induction and Other Inner Model Theoretic Tools, June 3rd to 14th, 2019 at Rutgers University


  • NCN Grant WEAVE-UNISONO, Id: 567137
  • NSF Grant DMS-1954149
  • NSF Career Award DMS-1352034
  • NSF Grant DMS-1201348
  • Awards

  • Fellow at the Newton Institute, part of the program Mathematical, Foundational and Computational Aspects of the Higher Infinite (2015)
  • Leibniz Fellow, Mathematics Forshungsinstitute Oberwolfach, Germany (2012)
  • Sacks Prize (2009)
  • Clay Liftoff Fellow (2009)
  • Alexander Prize, UC Berkeley (2009)
  • Emil Artin Prize (2009)
  • Recent Talks

  • "Bi-interpretability in set theory", What philosophy can do for set theory, University of Barcelona, March 28-30, 2023, Barcelona, Catalonia.
  • "omega strongly measurable cardinals in Pmax extensions of models of AD", Seminar of the Division of Real Functions, University of Gdansk, January 17, 2023, Gdansk, Poland.
  • "An invitation to Inner Model Theory", Jerusalem Set Theory Seminar, November 30th, 2022, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • "Theta is regular in L(Gamma_{uB}, R).", tutorial (3 lectures), Muenster Set Theory Seminar, November 2022, Muenster, German.
  • "Forcing axioms, inner models and determinacy", tutorial (3 lectures), European Set Theory Conference 2022, August 29-September 2nd, Turin, Italy.
  • "There are no long sequences of definable sets of reals", ESI Workshop "Set Theory", July 4-8, 2022, Vienna, Austria.
  • "Combinatorial structures on omega_3 in Pmax extensions of the Chang mode", tutorial (4 lectures), 5th Muenster conference on inner model theory, June 20--July 01, 2022, Muenster, Germany.
  • "Generic absoluteness for universally Baire sets." Seminarium Zakladu Funkcji Rzeczywistych, November 2nd 2021, University of Gdansk.
  • "Generic absoluteness for universally Baire sets." Seminarium Zakladu Funkcji Rzeczywistych, October 26th 2021, University of Gdansk.
  • "The failure of the iterability conjecture for K^c." 16th International Luminy Workshop in Set Theory, September 13-17, 2021.
  • "Defining the powerset of a cardinal." Warsaw Logic Seminar, May 5th 2021, University of Warsaw.
  • "The exact strength of Sealing." Wroclow Set Theory Seminar, March 9th 2021, University of Wroclow.
  • "The exact strength of Sealing." Helsinki Logic Seminar, March 3rd 2021, University of Helsinki.
  • "Forcing failures of square at omega_3 over models of determinacy, and the convergence of Kc constructions." Helsinki Logic Seminar, February 2nd 2021, University of Helsinki.
  • " Determinacy, forcing axioms and inner models.." Muenster Set Theory Seminar, 4 talks, November 4th, 11th, 18th and 26th of 2020, University of Muenster.
  • Research

  • Many of my papers are available here. Below there are links to other papers.
  • Books