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The Conference Center of Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences, Będlewo (near Poznań) Poland


July 4, 2010 (arrival day) - July 10, 2010 (departure day)

Aims and Scope:

The School will be devoted mainly (but not only) to Complex Algebraic Geometry. It will bring together world experts and young researchers to report recent achievements and exchange ideas. An important goal will be to address trends of research. There will be four minicourses, and additionally conference style lectures. The School will summarize ten years of activities of IMPANGA - an algebraic geometry enviroment at the Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences. It is organized in collaboration with the University of Warsaw.

Scientific committee:

Hélène Esnault, Gerard van der Geer, Friedrich Hirzebruch (honorary member), Adrian Langer, Jarosław Wi¶niewski


Sławomir Cynk, ConferencesMarcin Hauzer, Oskar Kędzierski, Piotr Pragacz (chairman), Sławomir Rams, Tomasz Szemberg, Halszka Tutaj-Gasinska (secretary)

Invited speakers for minicourses:

Gavril Farkas (Berlin)
The geometry of moduli spaces of curves with level structure

Stefan Kebekus (Freiburg)
Extension properties of differential forms, and applications to moduli

Shigeru Mukai (Kyoto)
K3 and Enriques surfaces

Mircea Mustaţă (Ann Arbor)
Invariants of singularities in birational geometry

Each minicourse will consist of three lectures of 45 minutes. Some titles are tentative.

Other invited speakers:

Klaus Altmann, Dave Anderson, Paolo Cascini, Ana-Maria Castravet, Carel Faber, Jochen Heinloth, Martin Moeller, Frank-Olaf Schreyer, Vasudevan Srinivas, Mariya Vlasenko

The list of participants is already complete.


We* produced a conference poster, and are in the process of sending out printed copies. If you would like to post one at your department, just drop us a note. A png version is attached here, and a png file of large size to print is attached here.

* Piotr Pragacz and Maria Donten-Bury with the assistance of Sławomir Cynk and Oskar Kędzierski.

Other information:

There will be a conference fee: 40 Euro.

On 07.07.2001, afternoon, we plan an excursion to the castle Kornik, containing, among others, an interesting scientific library with a large collection of manuscripts of Hoene-Wronski. At the end of this visit, a young pianist Pawel Wakarecy (a participant of the International Chopin Competition this year) will give a concert of Chopin's music.

We plan to edit the proceeedings of the School as the third volume of Impanga Lecture Notes (the former two were "Topics in cohomological studies of algebraic varieties", Birkhäuser 2005 and "Algebraic cycles, sheaves, shtukas and moduli", Birkhäuser 2007).

List of participants



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